How to save Google docs as pdf

Working on Google Docs is convenient and easy to collaborate on. If you are new to this, I wrote an article on What is google docs and how to start using Google Docs. Collaborating with people sometimes requires to save documents on the computer. Documents can be saved in a number of formats. This blog focuses on how you can save google docs as PDF.

3 Different ways to access Google Docs

There are three ways to access Google Docs

  1. From Gmail using the Apps on the right corner 
  2. By directly logging on to and 
  3. By accessing it through Google Drive

Accessing the Google Docs from Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage option by google that allows you to save Files, Documents, pictures, etc. It comes free with your Google account. Almost all phones and computers have an option where you can save your data directly on Google drive. Similarly it also saves all Google docs as soon as they are created.

To retrieve them you need to login to your Google account and go to Google Drive or open and login to your account. You will be able to see your Google Doc as an Icon under My Drive.

Right-click on the Document > Open with > Google Docs

save Google docs as pdf

How to save Google Doc as PDF

To save Google Docs (DOCX) to PDF, Google Docs offers a free download option. With the help of this option, you can follow a few simple steps and download the document as a PDF.

Step 1. Open the Google Doc using any of the methods stated above

Step 2: from the File menu click Download > PDF Document (.pdf)

how to save google docs as pdf file

Step 3: Choose the desired download location on your computer where the file will be saved. 

How to save Google Doc as PDF

Note: If you do not receive a prompt to choose a file location, the file will directly get saved in the Downloads folder. You can access it from the and move it to the desired location. 

Google docs save as pdf file

Step 4: just double click and open the Google Doc saved as PDF.

The above method is a good option if you want to download one Google Doc as a PDF. What happens if you need to download multiple files? 

Download Multiple Google Documents as PDF

Here is a method that will not consume much time and will help convert files in a jiffy. Google offers a service called Google Takeout which helps you download multiple files from data stored on your Google account. As well as data synced from various devices and those stored on Google Drive

Data can be exported using these simple steps

Browse from your browser and login to your google account.

how to save Google docs as pdf

After logging in to your Google Account from the Google takeout page, you see a list of all the data saved on your account, this includes Google Drive. From the data listed you can include data you would like to download and ignore irrelevant data.

Tip: The Deselect all option is a good way to speed up the selection process.

how to save google document as pdf

To choose specific data from Drive click All Drive data included this will give you a list of all the files on the drive you can select specific files from that list. Other programs on the list will have similar tabs to help you select . This way you download only files that you require and not the entire list.

how to save google docs document as pdf

In order to specify the format of the files after download, you need to specify the desired format beforehand. Select file > Multiple formats

how to save google doc as pdf in drive

As Word is the default format you will have to change the option to PDF.

how to save Google docs as pdf

Move on to choosing the file type and frequency by clicking Next step

Here you can change the delivery method which specifies how you would like to export the documents. Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, and Box are the different options available. Along with an option to receive it as a downloadable link via email.

Downloading the converted Files

save google doc as pdf in drive

After choosing the method you could choose to make multiple exports over the year. Or just this one time.

how to save google drive document as pdf

Lastly the file type needs to be specified – either .zip or .tgz

how to save google doc as pdf in drive

Click Create export once you are satisfied with the selection.

how to save google document as pdf

Once the export process is complete you can download the files by clicking Download

How to open google docs as PDF

In this blog we have seen different ways in which a user can save Google docs as a PDF. The document can easily be located and opened by simply double clicking.

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