How to add watermark in Google Docs

Inserting a watermark to your document is a great way of personalizing and labeling it as your own! Google Docs doesn’t offer a built-in way to insert watermark as in Word.

But you can create a watermark using Google drawings. You can create a transparent image to look alike a watermark, that can then be inserted into your documents in Google Docs or any other documents you want through Google Drawings.

The following step-by-step instructions will guide you on how to create and add watermarks in Google Docs.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a faded background image that is intentionally superimposed onto another image or displayed behind the text in a document. 

How to Add watermark in google docs?

Google Docs does not have a feature to create a watermark and add it to the document of your google docs. Fortunately, there are other ways you can add a watermark to your document on Google Docs

Let’s see how we can add a watermark to your Google docs.

Create a Watermark Image using Google Drawings

If you want to create a watermark in your document in google docs, You can add this watermark by creating a background image containing your watermark. Then you have to place it behind your text.

You can then apply the watermark image to each page of your Google Docs document by adding it to your document header or footer.

You can create a watermark image using any available image editing tool. But the easiest and effective method is using Google Drawings to create google docs.

You can usually access a limited version of this tool by,

Click  Insert > Drawing > New Drawing in Google Docs. 

But this won’t allow you to change the transparency of your image. Instead, you’ll need to create it using the full Google Drawings tool.

Insert a Watermark Image

To change the transparency of your image, you need to use google drawings.

Google drawings:

Google Drawings is a free, web-based diagramming software developed by Google.Google Drawings is hosted within Google Drive and all files created with the application are by default saved to Google Drive

.With the Google Drawings tool, you can create charts, diagrams, and different kinds of images. These images can be used as watermarks in your document in google docs.

Open the Google drawings

If you have already created a logo or any other image that you want to use as your watermark,

Click Insert > Image

You can upload the image from your personal computer, google drive, google photos, insert an URL, instant camera or by searching for it using the built-in Google images search

google docs watermark

Select one of the above-mentioned options to proceed.

Change Watermark Transparency in Google Drawings

To insert google Drawings image as a watermark image in google docs, you have to need to alter the transparency of the image. A watermark image typically has very reduced transparency so that it can sit behind text on a document without blocking the actual content.

To reduce the transparency of the image, follow the below instructions

After inserting the image, right-click on the image and select the “Format Options” button.

add watermark in Google Docs

This will open up the Format Options menu on the right side of the google drawings.

In the Adjustments tab, move the “Transparency” slider up to reduce transparency.

This will reduce the transparency of the image.

How to add watermark in Google Docs

Your watermark image is ready. Now name it. It will automatically get saved in your Google drive storage.

Insert Watermark Text in Google Docs

There is also an alternate option if you want to add text to your background image.

All you have to do is

Click Insert > Text Box

Does Google Docs have a watermark

To create a text box, drag and drop hold your cursor using your mouse, drag, and drop off your required space on the drawing canvas. 

If you release the mouse, a blinking cursor will appear that allows you to type your required watermark. You can also paste your watermark text there.

Formatting the watermark text:

You can format your watermark text using the format options available in the google drawings menu bar.

To do so, click on the three-dotted More button at the rightmost side to view all of your formatting options.

how do i put an image behind text in google docs

You can change the font, text size, text emphasis, spacing, positions, text fitting, alignment, drop shadow, reflection, and all the typical text formatting options available in google docs.

There is no transparency option for creating watermark text in Google Drawings. So you have to choose a lighter text color especially gray to apply a similar watermark effect.

How to add watermark to your google docs

Insert a Watermark Image in Google Docs

Once you are watermark image or text is ready from google drawing, its time to insert it into the document of your google docs.

If you want your watermark drawing to apply to all of your pages without disrupting your text, all you have to do is inserting your header or footer.

To do this, open your Google Docs document,

Click Insert > Headers & Footers

create water marks in google docs

Choose either header or footer.

After choosing,

Click Insert > Drawing 

google docs watermark

Select your saved Google Drawings image from google drive and then press the “Select” button to add it to your document in google docs.

A pop-up will appear to choose you from two options

Link to Source —This allows a link to the image. Only editors can update the drawing and collaborators can only see a link to the source.

Insert Unlinked — This allows everyone to see your image.

watermark in google docs

Now your drawing will be inserted into either header or footer. You can also resize your image to fit into your document using the border resize options.

To move your image, move your mouse or trackpad to a suitable position.

If you are not able to move the drawing, simply select the image and click on the “Wrap Text” option.

Your watermark image will be visible across your document on each of your pages in google docs now.

Why watermark in google docs?

The watermark in your Google Docs will indicate the document’s state that is whether is a draft or confidential. You can also personalize a document with your company’s logo.

You can also insert a watermark to avoid duplications