How to bookmark Google docs

How to bookmark Google docs

Creating a bookmark on Google Docs can be very useful when you have a long document. If you would like your reader or collaborator to be able to jump to another part of the document without having to scroll through, then Google Docs Bookmarks be the best bet for you. You can bookmark a specific spot in Google Docs. Let us see here how to bookmark Google docs.

To bookmark in Google docs, Select the text –> Click Insert –> Bookmark.

When working in a linked table of contents on Google Docs, you can easily jump or navigate through the contents with Google Docs bookmarks. Google Docs bookmarks can also be used to share specific parts of your Google Docs document. individually. Let’s dive deep to know how to use bookmarks in Google docs, remove bookmarks, and share the bookmarked links.

Google docs link to another place in docs using bookmarks

Instead of sharing the entire document and adding a message to explain a specific spot, you can use the Google Docs Bookmark tool to share a link to a specific spot in the document.

Add a Bookmark in Google Docs

Adding a bookmark in Google Docs is a two-step process. First, you have to add the bookmark, and then link to it from other places in the document or from within other documents.

To add bookmarks Google docs,

  • First, select the text you want to use as the bookmark.
  • Click Insert > Bookmark
How do you insert a bookmark in Google Docs?
bookmark Google docs
  • A blue-ribbon will appear to the left of the selected text to show where the bookmark was added.

This is how to insert a bookmark in Google Docs.

How to Link to Google Doc Bookmarks?

Once you have added a bookmark to the specific text in your Google Docs document, you are ready to link that bookmark. 

To link Google Docs bookmarks,

  • Select the text you want to be able to click to jump to a bookmarked spot in your Google Docs document.
  • Click Insert > Link.
  • You can also select the hyperlink icon in the top toolbar or just press the keyboard shortcut to insert link — “Ctrl + K”.
  • A pop-up menu will appear. Select Bookmarks, then select your desired bookmark from the list that appears.
Add a Bookmark in Google Docs
Links to google docs bookmarks
  • Once selected, Click Apply 
  • The anchor text will turn blue and underlined.
  • A menu will appear beneath it. 
  • Once you select that link, it will take you to the Google bookmark.

Google docs Bookmark link to another document

You can also use Google Docs bookmarks to link from one document to another. Let’s say you have two Google docs, and there is a section in one Google Docs that you want to link to another Google Docs.

For this scenario, you can use Google Docs bookmark to open the other docs and jump straight to the correct section. You must be the owner or have editing permission to both Google Docs documents to link those documents using bookmarks.

How to link two Google Docs using bookmarks?

To link two Google Docs using bookmarks,

  • Open both Google Docs documents you want to link.
  • First, head over the document you want to link to, place a bookmark at your desired spot by clicking Insert > Bookmark
how to bookmark in google docs
  • Once you have added the bookmark, a small menu appears below the bookmark with two options: Link and Remove.
  • Right-click on ‘Link’, and select Copy Link Address.
  • This link will lead to the exact spot in the Google Docs document when someone with access clicks on it.
  • Now, on the other Google Docs document, select the text you want to link from.
  • Now click Insert > Link or Insert Link icon on the toolbar.
  • Paste the link you have copied from the other Google Docs document and Click Apply.
  • The anchor text will turn blue and underlined.
  •  When you click on it, it will take you to the bookmarked spot in the other Google Docs document.

Clickable Table of Contents Links Google Docs Bookmarks

It is very easy to make a list of the chapters or sections at the beginning of your Google Docs and navigate those sections with ease using Google Docs bookmarks

Clickable Table of Contents

In a clickable Table of Contents (TOC), the chapters in the TOC are hyperlinked to the relevant pages of Google Docs. So you or your collaborators can easily navigate to the respective chapter by clicking on the chapter name on the Table of Contents page.

How to make a clickable table of contents using bookmarks?

You can create a clickable Table of Contents in Google Docs, without formatting the title and subtitles with Headings.

To create a clickable Table of contents using bookmarks,

  • First, select the title or subtitle you want to include in your The Table of Contents.
  • Click Insert > Bookmark
  • Right-click on the text link and copy the link address.
  • In the Table of Contents page, select the chapter name.
  • Use shortcut Ctrl+K to insert the copied link.
  • You can now jump to the required chapter.

How to Remove Google Docs Bookmarks?

Now let us see how to remove google docs bookmarks. Follow the below steps, if you want to delete or remove Google Docs bookmarks,

  • Click on the blue bookmark flag 
  • A menu will appear instantly. 
  • Select Remove
Google docs Bookmark link to another document

To remove the bookmark link from the text, 

  • Highlight the link and click on it.
  • Click on the “Strikethrough Link” icon to remove the bookmark link.
Remove Google Docs Bookmarks

How to replace Google Docs Bookmark Link?

You can also replace the Google Docs bookmark link with ease.

To replace Google Docs bookmark link,

  • Click on the bookmarked link.
  • Find the pencil icon and click on it.
  • You can edit the link or replace it with a different link.
replace Google Docs Bookmark Link

Why Google Docs Bookmark?

  • Google Docs bookmarks tool is very useful to create a Table of contentswithout involving too much effort in formatting.
  • A table of contents with bookmarks at the front of the Google Docs document will allow people to quickly navigate to the respective sections of the document. 
  • Bookmarks provide a unique web address so that you can use the link within the Google Docs document itself or outside the document.

Google Docs Bookmark Shortcut

Below are a few keyboard shortcuts that might help you working with Google Docs Bookmarks.

  • You can use Ctrl + Alt + N if you want to move to the next Bookmark in Google Docs.
  • If you want to move to the previous Bookmark, you can use Ctrl + Alt + P, Ctrl + Alt +B

How To Jump To A Page In Google Docs

Just, you need to perform two steps to jump to a page in Google Docs. It really helps when you are working with very lengthy Google docs documents. The same tricks apply when you want to jump to a different section on your google docs documents.

Google Docs Jump To Section

Step-1: Add a Bookmark in your Google docs document.

Step-2: Create a Link to the Bookmark in Google docs.

This is how to jump to a page or section in Google Docs.

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And voila! You can now use Google Docs bookmarks to navigate through your Docs with ease! I hope this docs tutorial helps us to learn how to bookmark Google docs.