How to send Google doc as an attachment in Email

send Google doc as an attachment in Email

There are various options available to share Google Docs. It can be done by either sending someone a link which they can access, or you could email the Google Doc. while you collaborate with people, it may so happen sometimes that the document you need to send is required in a Word, PDF or another … Read more

How to insert signature (E sign) in Google docs

insert signature google docs

Adding your signature to a document adds a different flair to it. There are various reasons why you would want to add a signature to your google docs. It could include professionalism, this can be for business communication; legality or just to add a hint of YOU to what you’ve written. So how to insert … Read more

Google docs vs Microsoft word

google docs vs microsoft word

Keeping up with ever-changing technological trends is hard but choosing which bandwagon to hop on to is even harder. Most of us face a similar dilemma when it comes to choosing word processing programs. Google Docs or Microsoft Word which is the better one? You may also like: How to use voice typing in Google … Read more

What is Google Docs and How to use Google Docs

what is google docs

When you sign in to Gmail on the right side you might have noticed a few app options with google docs or Docs as one of them; Or a colleague might have suggested you use an online tool to speed up the project. But what is google docs and how do you use it? This … Read more

How to use voice typing in Google docs?

How to use voice typing in Google docs

Sometimes it is very difficult to type everything by typing from the keyboard. Google Docs provides a feature known as voice typing which you can use to write something while talking. Here, we will see how to use voice typing in Google docs? It is really easy to use voice typing in Docs. By using … Read more