How to remove page numbers from certain pages in Google Docs

How to add or remove Google docs page numbers

Page numbers come in extremely handy if the pages of that document become separated. But, in the end, it’s upon you, and your personal preferences matter. In my last article, we discussed the steps to add page numbers in Google Docs. In this docs tutorial, we will discuss how to remove page numbers in Google Docs.

How to remove page numbers from Google Docs from a browser

Let us check out how to remove page numbers on Google docs from a browser.

The below steps are performed in the Google Chrome web browser but feel to follow the same steps in any other browser of your choice. It would work the same way.

Steps to be followed to remove page number on Google Docs:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Drive at Google Drive in the desktop version of the browser of your choice.

Step 2: Open the document for which you wish to remove the page number.

Step 3: Then double-click on the page number in the header or footer area.

remove Google docs page numbers

Note: Google Docs provides you with various options to add page numbers at header/footer areas. Feel free to check the steps to add page numbers below in the coming sections.

Step 4: Make sure the page number is selected and then delete it by pressing the backspace key or delete it from your keyboard.

Note: Deleting page numbers from a page deletes page numbers in all the pages automatically since Google Docs treats those as combined objects added via the insert tab instead of separate entities.

Thus you’ll notice the page number got removed from all the subsequent pages as well. However, we’ll explore how to add page numbers to one part of your document alone in later sections of this article.

How to Remove Page Numbers from the First Page in Google Docs?

Think of a case where you’ll have a title page in your document or say it’s a couple of index pages which doesn’t require to be counted as the main content.

However, Google doesn’t mind which one is a title page and will add page numbers to all the pages irrespective of your constraints by default.

Fortunately, you can always do it the other way too. You can easily change a page number setting. And skip the first page of a document alone.

Steps to remove page numbers from the first page in Google Docs:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Drive on a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla.

Step 2: Open your Google docs document for which you want to remove the page number.

Step 3: Double click on the Google docs page number in the header or footer area.

Step 4: You’ll notice a checkbox and an options dropdown below the header margin.

Step 5: Now, check the box to the left of the Different first page. 

how to remove Google docs page numbers
how to remove page numbers in google docs

This will completely remove everything from the first page including the page number. However, the numbering will still exist on all the other pages just like before.

How to remove page numbers on Google Docs from Mobile

Now, let us see how to remove page number on Google docs from a mobile app?

The steps are quite similar to that of the web, but there are a few actions to be noticed.

Step 1: Open Google Docs android/iPhone app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Open the document for which you need to remove page numbers

Step 3: Click on the pencil icon to start editing the document

Step 4: Then select the three-dot menu icon. Also, toggle Print Layout.

Step 5: Select the header box in the document by tapping on the upper part of the document’s page and entering the number from which you need the page to start.

Step 6: Tap outside of the box to save it

Step 7: To remove the added header, just select all text and choose the Cut option to delete. This will remove the entire header box from the document.

Add header/footer to only one part of your document in Google Docs

  1. First, remove the current page numbers and section break by following the same steps explained previously.
  2. Now place your cursor at the end of the contents on the Google Docs page that precedes the earlier page that actually needs the footer and/or page number.
  3. Click on Insert > Break > section break (next page).
  4. Similarly, place your cursor in the footer area of the Google Docs page where you want to insert the footer/page numbers. Now UN-check the box for “Link to previous.”
  5. Then click on Options > Footer format. Now select “Apply to this section (Section 2).
  6. Choose Apply to save all your changes.
  7. Then, click on Options > Page numbers and make sure you select all of the following:
  • “Apply to this section (Section 2),” “Footer,” “Show on the first page,” “Numbering: Start at 1” 
  • Click on the Apply button to save your changes. You can also format the page numbers as needed.
  1. You can now add the additional content into the footer area if any.

efault Google Docs, adds page numbers to the right top of your document. However, you are absolutely free to move it to a different alignment of your choice.

Step 1: First, Double click on the header or footer, depending on where the page number is added.

Step 2: Go to the toolbar and select the alignment of your choice, preferred would be Left Align or Center Align.

Step 3: Now you’ll notice the page number moved to the position you’ve chosen.

move page numbers to the center of your document

Delete Page Numbers in Google Docs

Finally, let’s discuss how to delete page numbers in Google Docs in case you don’t want the page numbers and want to delete those page numbers.

To delete the page numbers, you need to double click on any of the page numbers and then press the Delete key on your keyboard which will completely delete all the page numbers from all the pages in Google Docs.


Where page numbers can be added in Google Docs?

Headers and footers in Google docs have become an integral part of any form of document. A typical header/footer configuration would include the author details, page number, document title, date, and anything you wish.

Such things would definitely play a vital role in adding an extra professional touch in your works. However, it’s purely in the party’s interest. Adding a header or footer usually take up more page space, but on the other hand help, the reader understands the document better.

Google docs page header usually appears at the top of the page and would typically include the document title and perhaps the document author. The footer lies at the bottom, of the page, and will likely have a page number and sometimes a website or author hyperlink.

How to Move a Page Number In Google Docs?

By default, the page number on the header or footer is right-aligned. If you wish to change the position of the page number, you can easily move the page number using the below steps.

  1. Double click on the Page number which is present on the header or footer in Google Docs.
  2. Now select the Left align or Center align option as highlighted below based on your requirement.
How to Move a Page Number In Google Docs

Now, you can able to see below, that the page number is left aligned.

Move a Page Number In Google Docs

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    Cool, thus we’ve explored all the related operations on page numbers on Google Docs. Hope this helps you in your next documenting process. Feel free to try these hacks without fail.