How to make Google docs available offline

Did u know that Google Documents can be made available offline? Check out this blog tutorial to find out how.

Understanding Google Docs

Google Docs one of the best collaborative platforms available, stores data on the Cloud. This Cloud storage space that enables Gmail users to store information for free is called Google Drive. In order to collaborate you need to create a Google Document or Docs as they call it.

Creating a new Google docs file is simple

Open google drive from your browser and login to your Gmail account. This will give you a list of all the files available on the drive. Simply click New the colourful cross on the left of the screen. Here a number of options will pop up in a drop-down menu. Select Google Docs and you can get started creating a document.

Once the document is created it can be edited at any time from any device. This includes your mobile, tablet, and laptop. All you need to do is log in to your Gmail account on the laptop and redirect to Google Drive. On cell phones and tablets, an app for Google Drive is available on both iOS as well as Android devices. Download the app and you will be able to see and edit documents on the go.

These Files can be shared with others as well using simple steps. Sharing can be used for both collaborations as well as the distribution of the document. Depending on what the purpose of the creation of the docs is.

What is offline mode in Google Docs?

The Offline mode in Google Docs is a feature where you can access documents offline. Generally, to access Google Docs and make changes in them you require internet connection. This is because Google Docs being a cloud-based application does not use the storage space available on your devices.

This not only saves space on your devices but makes it convenient to use as compared to traditional word processing software that store files on the computer.

The offline mode, however, is applicable to only those files that have it enabled. It won’t be possible to access other files offline. On the phone, you might be able to only view these devices but changes will have to be made only when the internet is connected. Read on to find out how to make Google Docs available Offline.

Enabling Offline mode in Docs

To enable offline mode in Google Docs login to Google Docs from Google Drive and login. After logging in to Drive you can either open an existing document or create a new one.

To open an existing document, scroll through the contents of drive and locate the file you would like to open. Then double click on the icon to open the document.

If the Doc you want to access is not part of the list and needs to be created afresh. Simply click the colourful plus button on the left side of the screen and select Docs. A new document canvas will open up ready to be edited.

Note: All these steps require internet connection

The document once selected and ready can be made available offline in a matter of two clicks

Go to the File menu on the left side of the Docs screen. From the drop-down menu that appears click

File > Make available offline

how to access google docs offline

Disabling offline access in Google Docs

After a certain period of offline viewing and editing the document might not be required. In such cases it is important to disable offline access as this will save up the storage space on your device. To do this simply access the file you no longer require offline.

Go to the File menu and select Make available offline

Selecting the same option again will turn it off

File > Make available offline

how to edit google docs offline

Checking if the file is available offline

With the number of files in your Google Drive folder increasing, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the ones available, and the ones that are not. Secondly, the process to enable and disable offline mode is the same. It can so happen that you end up disabling the offline mode by mistake. This can cause a lot of inconveniences, as the file won’t be accessible when you need it.

To make things simpler there is an indication to weather the offline mode is enabled.

When you click file, the Make available offline option will have a small tick mark over a line in a circle.

This mark indicated that the file is made available offline.

how to use google docs offline

The sign will not appear if disabled.

Make google docs available offline

Turning on Offline access for the entire Drive

As Google Drive is a collection of files it might be required at times to gain offline access to the entire folder. This saves the trouble of manually opening the Google docs and enabling offline access. In order to give offline access to the entire drive

Login to Google drive and sign in to your gmail account.

On the Left side near your profile picture a settings option will appear. Click on this option to open the setting popup window. Among the various options in the general section you will find the offline option.

Tick to enable offline sharing

Drive > Settings > General > offline > Check

How to make Google docs available offline

Turning off Offline access for the entire Drive

In order to turn off the online sharing activated for the entire drive.

Login to drive and again in the settings menu go to general settings. Simply uncheck the offline section and the offline access will be disabled.

Drive > Settings > General > offline > uncheck

Once the offline mode for Drive is deactivated, you will receive a notification on the bottom right of the drive screen on the computer as well. This helps if you turn on or off the offline availability by mistake and need to revert the change.

Turning on offline access from Android devices

As phones are handy and we use them most of the time. With an internet connection on every device, it becomes extremely convenient to edit documents on the go. Accessing files online can drain the battery and also use up the data available. In order to avoid this, you can make the documents available offline and then use them whenever you feel the need to edit a document.

To turn on offline access open Google Drive on the phone and access the file that you would like to access offline.

On the right side you find three horizontal lines that open a menu. Select settings and then Make file available offline.

You can revert the selection using the same method

Open File > horizontal lines > Settings > make file available offline

Turning on offline access from iOS devices

On iOS devices, the Google suit does not come pre-installed and needs to be downloaded from the Apple store. Once the Suit is downloaded open drive and login.

The file that needs to be accessed can then be opened and the settings changed.

To change the settings, click the three horizontal lines to open the menu. Click settings and select make available offline. To change the settings and disable offline mode click

Open File > horizontal lines > Settings > make file available offline

Editing Google Docs offline

To edit a document made available offline. open the document from the Google Drive application if you are using a cellular device or you could download the file on the computer. once open you will be able to edit the file the same way as you would work on it online.

Remember: the changes will be uploaded once you have internet connection. Till then, the edited version will not show up on other devices


Check if you are logged in to the right google account before enabling or disabling offline mode. This is important, especially when enabling offline mode for Drive.

The files can be worked on while you are offline. The changes will get uploaded to the original file as soon as internet connection is available.

This blog will surely be helpful to understand how to make Google Docs available offline. For more tutorials check our blogs