How to rearrange pages in Google Docs

How to rearrange pages in Google Docs

Do you Want to rearrange pages in Google Docs?. Don’t worry even though, there is no inbuild option provided by Google Docs but it is possible to do it manually. Let’s discuss how to move pages around in Google Docs.

How to rearrange pages in Google Docs

Follow the below steps to reorder pages in Google Docs.

  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. left click, hold, and drag the complete content from your page to select the content from one page. Basically, use your mouse cursor to select all the content from one page.
How do I move pages in Google Docs?

3. Now, you can Right click –> Select the Cut option or you can press Ctrl + X to cut the complete content from the page.

how to reorder pages in google docs

4. Now to add a new page in between, put the cursor at the end of the page and add a page break by clicking on the Insert menu –> Select Break –> Choose Page Break. or, you can Press Ctrl + Enter to insert a new page in between the pages of your Google Docs document.

5. Right-click on the newly created page and then choose the paste option or you can press Ctrl + V keys from your keyboard to paste the complete content on the newly created page.

How do you reorder documents in Google Docs?

6. You can repeat the same step-2 to step-5 if needed to copy the content from one page to a newly created page in between your Google Docs document.

7. Now is the time to remove the empty pages from where you have copied the contents.

Read:  How to delete a Blank page in Google Docs to delete all the empty pages.

Once you delete all the empty pages, now your Google Docs document looks perfect and you are able to rearrange pages in Google Docs successfully.

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Wrapping Up

Even though Google Docs is not providing any inbuild option to rearrange pages but still we can able to move the pages in Google Docs to make a perfect Google Docs document as per our requirement.