Magazine template Google Docs

Magazine template Google Docs

There isn’t much time left for us to learn about ourselves or our environment because of how quickly time passes in the modern world. We may therefore acquire all kinds of information, gossip, political news, and entertainment from the magazine. Therefore, we may claim that the magazine is what makes us happy. Making a magazine template would be as simple as ABC with Google Docs. As a result, you would know that the blog post’s subject is a Google Docs magazine template.

So let’s get started making a google docs magazine template right away.

How to make a magazine template on Google Docs

One by one, take the instructions listed below!

Step 1: Sign in and go to Google Docs. The first step to creating a magazine template is to create a blank template.

Magazine template google docs free

Step 2: Adding the margin to a page must be done at the beginning of the process. To do that, select File and click on Page Setup to accomplish this. As soon as you select the margin settings, a dialog box will appear, and you will have the option to pick the page’s orientation from the page setup box as well.

How to make a magazine template on Google Docs
How to make a Google Docs magazine template

Step 3: Choose a picture to make a magazine slip template. Using the insert menu in the document’s title bar, you will select the option for an image from the dropdown box and select whether you wish to upload from a computer or search the web for a picture.

How to create a Google Docs magazine template

Step 4: Having included the image in the document, follow the steps below to continue adding the text to the image now that it has been included. You can find a little menu below a picture when you click on it. To add text to an image, you will need to open the font menu of that image by selecting the option to open the font menu of the image.

Google Docs magazine template

Step 5: Enter the necessary content into the magazine in the appropriate places to make it look as professional as possible.

Step 6: Let’s now add some formatting choices to the text. From the title bar, select the formatted text and select font size, style, color, etc., based on your preference.

Google Docs magazine templates

Step 7: The text can be highlighted by selecting Highlight from the Title Bar menu.

Magazine template in Google Doc

Step 8: As an additional option, you may add a watermark and date to the magazine by selecting the watermark and date option from the insert menu in the bottom right of the title bar.

How to build a Magazine template in Google Docs

Step 9: The magazine can be made even more attractive by adding a QR code, thereby attracting more visitors to your website. Therefore, you must select the insert option and upload the QR code as an image file.

How to build a Magazine template in Google Doc

Step 10: There you have it; you have just completed a new magazine at an unbelievable speed of clicks.

In addition to creating a magazine template in google docs, five things you should bear in mind carefully:

Ink Colors

When magazines are printed in color, they are the most eye-catching. Although some publishers believe that publishing in black will be less expensive, this isn’t always the case. Although colored inks can cost extra, the price mostly depends on how the magazine is laid up.


Be aware that commercial printers only offer a limited range of magazine page sizes. Although you can print your publication in any size you like, it will be more productive to stick to one of your printer’s common sizes. Additionally, it will lower your printing expenses as a whole.

Page Count:

The page count is crucial for defining your magazine’s dimensions. This will make it easier for your printer to determine how much paper is needed and what kind of paper quality is ideal. Remember that every page will be double-sided when giving your direct mail printer the page count. Thus, each “page” will be two pages.

Main image:

Typically, the magazine cover’s primary image serves as a representative representation of the magazine’s content. It ought to accurately depict the main points of the problem. Large publications frequently include a well-known personality or a striking image that immediately evokes a feeling.

Bar code:

The bar code area is typically created by the printing facility with which you work, but it’s useful to plan for it and keep it in mind when creating the cover. Try to leave a small space in one of the corner areas for the bar code. Perhaps you have also observed that some magazines add the price above the bar code, which is unnecessary. It is up to you to select the one that fits your cover best and you can even move other issues if you wish.

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You would require the assistance of seasoned specialists when designing magazine layouts, but using Google Docs, producing a magazine template would be simple and just take a few clicks! We’ve finally come to the end of the article. I hope you’ve now figured out how to easily make magazine templates in Google Docs. Thank you for reading!