Creating a book template in Google Docs

Creating a book template in Google Docs

Are you working on a book and want to know which platform would make creating an outline a breeze? There is a possibility that you think the features you require are only offered by pricey software. You are not the only one feeling this way. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of a free platform that has a book outline template. That’s correct. Using Google Docs, you can create a custom book template.

Google Docs has a template that makes it easier to structure books. Additionally, consumers can create a brochure or a booklet using Google Docs. This guide will show you how to use the book template in Google Docs. Following all these steps will make writing easier.

Before we dive into the concept, let’s get a basic grasp of the book template so we can get to the nitty-gritty of how it works.

What Is a Book Template and Why Do I Need One?

A book template is a file that has a layout that may be used to create books. Writers may choose a smooth or intricate design, depending on their own needs. A book template is helpful because it allows writers to organize their work neatly. It also allows you to verify certain areas without having to browse forever to locate them.

Some software has a book template with only a few sections, which may appear restrictive to writers. However, other systems, such as Google Docs, provide a bespoke book template.

Why Should You Use a Book Template?

A book template is a handy tool for structuring and organizing your work. In addition, it improves the appearance of the writing and makes it more suitable for publication.

A step-by-step guide to creating a book template in Google Docs

If you’re going to use Google Docs to create a book template, you’ll need to understand a few things.

In order to begin, you must first log in to Google Docs:

Step 1: Log in to your Google account and open Google Docs.

Remember: In addition to creating a customized book template, you can also choose a booklet template or a brochure template in the template gallery.

Creating a book template in Google Docs

Step 2: Now, to create a book template, click on “Blank.” 

A step-by-step guide to creating a book template in google docs

Step 3: To begin, you’ll need to take care of the page setup. Select “Page setup” from the “File” menu in the main menu. 

how to make book on google docs

Step 4: Now, Verify that all of your margins are one inch. After that, Make sure that “Page orientation” and “Paper size” are set to “Portrait” and “Letter.”

How to Create a book template in Google Docs

Step 5: Following that, choose the font and size of the text. The most common fonts used by writers are Times New Roman and Calibri. In addition, editors should use 12 or 11 point font sizes so that everything is easily visible.

Step 6: The manuscript title should appear in a larger font in the middle of the first page. Then, two lines below, write your name. By clicking on “Insert” first, then “Break,” you can create a Page Break. To enable page break, you can also use the shortcut “Ctrl+Enter.”

How to Create a book template Google Docs

Step 7:  We’re all set to add headers and footers to your document now. A header should include the author’s name, and the book’s title, and the footer should include the page number. Select “Header and footers” from the “Insert” menu to Add heading and page number to your document.

In addition, you can also utilize the shortcut keys: use “Ctrl+Alt+H” for headers and “Ctrl+Alt+F” for the footers.

Create a book template Google Docs

Step 8:  Here is the last step to creating a book template in Google Docs. Adjust the heading as you begin writing. H1 should be used for the title and H2 for each chapter. If subchapters are included, they should start with H3. This is the fundamental structure of your book template.

So, what are you waiting for? Start jotting down your ideas on your keyboard. Using some of the features in the menu bar is similar to what you can do with Word. When you’re finished with your book, go to “File > Download As > PDF” to save it in PDF format. You may also pick from a variety of additional formats. Finally, you may print or publish your E-book online.

 In addition to this, you can also utilize the other features in Google Docs. The following is a brief overview of some features.

The first is the share feature. It doesn’t matter if your organizations aren’t the same; you can collaborate if you work with other writers. You may save and edit your work. Then, on the File, you want to share, click it and type in their email addresses.

how to make a book on google docs
Create a book template in Google Doc

If you look at the above image, after entering the email address of the person or group you are about to share the document with, it is possible that you can now share your Google doc by clicking the “Done” button as the last step. Then, using the “get link” option, you can obtain the URL of the document you are viewing.

The second is the draft back feature. It not only saves all of your changes, but it can also record and replay your work.

The next is the live feature. You may write in real-time! People may access your work as you type by going to File > Publish to the Web.

free book template for google docs

The last is the Voice typing feature. Are you exhausted? To dictate your work, use your voice. Then go to Tools > Voice Typing, and you’re done! As you talk, you will see your cursor type.

Creating a book template in Google Docs free

There’s so much more you can do with Google! You may collaborate using Sheets (Excel) and Slides (Powerpoint). The more technical your job appears to be, Google Docs is the most excellent option!

Is it safe to write a book on Google Docs?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to write a novel or a book in Google Docs.

As an additional benefit, creating a book template in Google Docs has the following advantages:

  • The main benefit of Google Docs is that you can access your papers from any location at any time.
  • You can use it on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, even if you have multiple devices. In addition, you can access it via the internet. Without the internet, it is impossible to synchronize one work with another.
  • Templates and editing tools are available in Google Docs.
  • It does, however, have fewer styles and designs than Word.

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Voila! It’s this much easy to create a book template in Google Docs. Try it on your own and create an awesome book template!