How to Create a To-Do List in Google Docs

Create a To-Do List in Google Docs

To-do lists are a convenient and effective way to stay on track, be updated, and get things done quickly. To-do lists should be collaborative, edited as needed, accessed by multiple people. Google Docs To-do list allows the collaborators to cross-check recorded tasks, observing what has been done, and what to do in what order that … Read more

Google docs word art

Google docs word art

Google Docs amplify the look of your documents and well groom it with the use of images, shapes, and lines. Adding Word Art is a great way to give the touch of a visual treat for the users. Word Art is not only limited to Microsoft word. You can also use the word art in … Read more

How to use script editor in Google docs

How to use script editor in Google docs

Google Apps Script is a quick application development platform for creating business applications that integrate well with G Suite apps. Scripts are simply add-ons, that are purely written in JavaScript to give additional features to Google Docs. For example, you can convert your Google Docs file into a PDF with added script in Google Docs. … Read more

How to view Google docs anonymously

How to view Google docs anonymously

Google Docs is the pioneer of collaborators that ensures content never lost, changes always tracked, access it from anywhere and anytime. When you open any Google Docs document, your presence is marked by a little icon of your Google account at the top right corner of the document. But what if you want to view … Read more

How to make Google docs view only

How to make google docs view only

The most powerful aspects of Google Docs is the ability to share documents, and can collaboratively edit those documents together in real-time across the globe with zero hassle. The collaborators of your Google Docs document can view, comment, and make changes to the document, but it all depends upon the permissions you give to them. … Read more

How to shorten Google docs URL

How to shorten Google docs URL

Shortened Google Docs URLs are easier to read, type, and memorize. It is proved that branded short links receive up to 39% more clicks than generic links. Custom branded URLs are more trusted in the world of web. Ever since the shut down of Google URL Shortener happened in March 2019, collaborators and business people … Read more

Popular Google Docs add ons

popular Google Docs extensions

Google Docs has basic formatting and editing features bundled with its world-class collaboration tools. If you want to get most of the Google Docs tool beyond collaborative word-processing, then Google Docs’s extension so-called Google Docs Add-ons come into play. Google Docs Add-ons are customized extensions of G Suite applications that enhance the G Suite applications … Read more

Google docs invoice template

download google docs invoice template

Google Docs doesn’t have any built-in Invoice template and creating an invoice from scratch by leveraging Google Docs could be an irritating and time-consuming process. Instead of building Google Docs Invoice templates from scratch, you can find some blank online available Docs invoice templates and use it in your Google Docs. Free invoice template doc … Read more

How to add Google Docs Image Caption

Google Docs Image Caption

Google Docs, a very powerful real-time collaboration, and document authoring tool produce wonderful drawings. A solid and interesting caption for a picture can spark a reader’s interest in your Google Docs document. But unfortunately, there is no built-in tool for adding a caption to images in Google Docs. But there are few different workarounds you … Read more