How to make a booklet in Google Docs

Google Docs Booklet Format

This tutorial will show you how to make a booklet using Google Docs. With less trouble, you’ll be able to create your own Google Docs booklet format if you follow the steps below. Before we go into how to build a Google Docs booklet format in detail, let’s have a look at the summary.

How to Make a Booklet in Google Docs? Summarizing the needed information

  1. Create a blank document in Google Docs by clicking on the Blank (+) option after navigating to
  2. Click on the File menu –> choose Page Setup –> set “Page orientation” to “Portrait” and “Paper size” to “Letter.”
  3. Set the Font to “Times New Roman” or “Calibri” and the Font size to 11 or 12.
  4. Insert a page break, Header and footer, page border, textboxes, and an image to improve the look of your Booklet.
  5. Save your Booklet and click on File –> Download –> Choose PDF option to download as PDF.

How to create a booklet in Google Docs

1. Open Google Docs after logging into your Google account. You’ll notice two options: “Personal” and “Business,” which you should select to access the Template Gallery. Then open your new Google document to create a new booklet format in your Google Docs.

how to make a booklet in google docs

2. Click “Blank” to create a Google Docs booklet template. To begin, you’ll need to set up the pages. Select “Page setup” from the “File” menu in the main menu.

how to print a booklet in google docs

3. A page setup dialog box will open Once you click the “Page Setup” option. Make sure all of your margins are one inch. After that, double-check that “Page orientation” is set to “Portrait” and “Paper size” is set to “Letter.”

how to create a booklet in google docs

4. Once you set all the features, select the “OK” button.

5. Selecting a typeface and font size is the next step. The most common fonts used by writers are Times New Roman and Calibri. However, to ensure that the editor can read everything well, the font size should be 11 or 12.

6. The document title should be in a bigger font than the rest of the text in the center of the first page. Two lines below, write your name. To begin writing, click “Insert” and then “Break” to insert the Page Break.

how to make a folded booklet in google docs

7. It’s time to add Headers and Footers to your document. The author’s name and book title should appear in the header, while the page number should appear in the footer. Go to “Insert” and select “Header and page number” to add the Headers and Footers in your Google Docs.

how to make a booklet on google docs

8. Customize the Heading as you begin writing. It is recommended to use H1 for the document title and H2 for each chapter. Chapters should begin with H3 if subchapters are included. This is how you’ll create your Google Docs booklet format.

Now follow the below steps to add page borders to your Google Docs booklet

1. Click the “Insert” option from the dashboard and select “Drawing.”

how to make booklet in google docs

2. Select the shapes, such as rectangles, by clicking the Shapes icon or drawing in the dialogue box.

google docs print booklet

3. Select Save & Close, then drag your mouse over the form to resize it to fit within your boundary.

4. To change the color, border thickness, or border weight, click the Pencil symbol.

how to print booklet in google docs

In this way, you can create borders in your Google Docs booklet.

Follow the below steps to include a picture in a Google Docs booklet

1. Select pictures for your booklet by clicking the Image button.

foldable booklet template google docs

2. Position and resize the pictures using the corner handles.

make a booklet in google docs

3. To place your picture within the text, click on the Wrap Text option after clicking on your image. After that, you’ll be able to move the pictures around freely.

4. To alter a picture, use the Crop icon to remove the sections you don’t want.

booklet printing google docs

You may put pictures in your Google Docs booklet this way.

Follow the below steps to add text boxes to your Google Docs booklet

1. Click the “Insert” option from the drop-down menu and select the “Drawing” option.

booklet template google docs

2. Select the Textbox icon to create the text box you want.

3. Type the text you want in your textbox and choose the font size. You can resize your textbox with your mouse.

booklet format google docs

4. When you’re finished, click the “Save and Close” button.

5. Finally, drag and resize the textbox with your mouse.

Finally, follow the below steps to save your booklet in Google Docs

1. Select the File option from the Settings icon.

2. Select the “Download” option from the dashboard and then the “PDF Document” option to save your Google Docs booklet.

how to print a google doc as a booklet

You may save your own booklet in Google Docs this way.


What is the format of a booklet?

In the booklet arrangement, two pages are printed on either side of the paper. When the pages are folded, the print driver reorders and orients them in numerical order. Then, the pages may be stapled together to make a booklet.

How do booklets serve their purpose?

A booklet contains more information than a brochure but not as much as a book. It may also include marketing materials, such as a brochure, or instructional materials, such as a book. No matter the content, booklets are popular because they deliver information clearly and cost-effectively.

Is there a distinction between a book and a booklet?

In general, a book is a collection of printed, written, or blank sheets bound together with two covers. A booklet is actually a little book with a paper cover and a limited number of pages. Hardcover and paperback books are both available. However, hardcovers are never used on booklets; they always have paper covers.

A minimum number of pages is required to be termed a booklet. As a result, they will need a minimum of eight pages. It is also possible to view the print result as a folded booklet.

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Last but not least

Google Docs’ ability to create and modify booklets has been a little-known function for a long time. However, this feature makes a new capability available that was previously unavailable.

Your question for creating a google docs booklet format has hopefully been answered in this article and now it’s your time to make a booklet in Google Docs. You are appreciated for taking the time to read this article!