Google Docs Recipe Template

Google Docs Recipe Template

You will discover why creating a simple recipe template in Google Docs is not tricky. And, if you’ve ever wondered why creating a recipe template is simple in Google Docs, here’s everything you need to know. 

You can learn how to create a fantastic Google Docs recipe template by reading this article. Fortunately, Google Docs has its inbuilt recipe template. This is why creating recipe templates in Google Docs is pretty straightforward. Let’s dive deep into this article to learn how to create a free recipe template in Google Docs. 

Is there a free recipe template in Google Docs, and how do you access it?

You might have this question: “ Is there a recipe template in Google Docs, and how to access it”. The answer is “Yes”. You can access the editable recipe template Google Docs that is already available in Google Docs. To access the Google Doc recipe template, follow the below steps.

1. Open Google in the browser and sign in to your Google account. On the right corner, you will find the Google apps. Click ‘Docs’, and Google Docs is open now.

2. Select ‘Template Gallery’ on the right side of the window. Now, you will find all the Google Docs inbuilt templates. Here you can find templates for resumes, letters, Personal, Work, Sales, Education, and so on. Under each category, different templates are available. You can find the recipe template under the category ‘Personal.’ Check out the screenshot below.

recipe template google docs

3. Click ‘Recipe’. Now, an editable inbuilt recipe template in Google Docs is opened. They used ‘Playfair Display’ > ‘Bold’ font with ‘Title’ styles and a font size 32. For ‘Normal text,’ they used 11-Point ‘Lato.’ 16-Point ‘Playfair Display’ is used for ‘Heading 1’. Ingredients are listed in bullet points, and an attractive image is added to represent the type of recipe.

You can open this recipe template in Google Docs and give a short overview of your recipe. List the ingredients you are going to add. Describe the preparation process step by step. Add a relevant, attractive image for your recipe template.

Rename your recipe template on the left corner of Google Docs in the “Rename tab.” Check the document status to see whether all the changes are ‘saved to Drive’ because sometimes the poor internet connection disturbs the autosave feature. You can try a variety of fonts, colors, line spacing, and other style rules.

How to make a recipe template in Google Docs from scratch

Sometimes, the premade template in Google Docs may not meet your requirements. In this case, you can try creating a recipe template from scratch.

1. Create a blank document in Google Docs. Set up your page by Navigating to the toolbar and clicking ‘File’> ‘Page setup.’ Select ‘A4 (8.27” X 11.69”)’ Paper size. According to your wish, you can choose “Orientation” as either ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’, and select your desired ‘Page color’ preferably light color, from the list. Before you select ‘OK’, choose ‘set as default’ to make these settings for all new Google docs.

2. Give the title of your recipe with a 36-point ‘Alex Brush’ font and align it in the center of your template by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+E.’ Mention the short description of your recipe under the category. It should be a normal text with a 15-point ‘Baloo Paaji 2’ font. If you did not find it in the toolbar, click the down arrow in the ‘font’ tab > ‘More . A font window will pop up on your screen. You can search for the required fonts.

3. Mention the cooking time, preparation time, and yield. 

  • The preparation time means how long it takes to do everything from start to end, including cooking time. 
  • The cook time means how much time is needed to prepare the recipe, in which waiting time is not included for baking or chilling. 
  • The yield means the total number of servings per recipe.

All should be in one line and make it center. Keep the same font and size.

4. Now, individually type the tools or utensils used in your recipe. Also, indicate the size of the bowls. You can use the bulleted list by simply pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+8’

5. List all the ingredients in chronological order. It should be listed to appear in the procedure steps. Be specific and list the exact amount needed for the recipe. Mention the state of ingredients whether frozen or fresh or canned. Use a bulleted list to look better.

6. Add good-quality photos relevant to your recipe. To do so, navigate to the menu bar and click ‘Insert’> ‘Image’ > ‘Upload from computer.’ Align it in the right corner of your template, and the size should be a Width of 4.72 inches and a height of 5.77 inches. The width scale and height scale should be 100%. Click ‘Lock aspect ratio’ to maintain the same size.

7. Describe the direction of use and procedures step by step. Bullet the points and highlight the critical steps to consider by pressing ‘Ctrl+B’

8. Other essential points are to be noted under the ‘Notes’

Standard Recipe Template Format:

[Recipe Title]


[Preparation Time]:                   [Cook Time]: [Yield]:

[Tools used]:


  • [Ingredient 1]
  • [Ingredient 2]
  • [Ingredient 3]
  • [Ingredient 4]
  • [Ingredient 5]


  • [Step 1]
  • [Step 2]
  • [Step 3]
  • [Step 4]
  • [Step 5]


  • [Important points to Note] 

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And that’s it! You can now easily create a recipe template for Google Docs by following the above steps.