Google Docs to HTML

Google docs to HTML Converter

Google Docs doesn’t provide a quick way to convert your Google Docs to HTML. But other options exist to convert your Google Docs file to HTML, such as using the “Docs to Markdown” add-on and online converters. With a few clicks, you can efficiently convert your various Google Docs files with different formats to HTML format using Google Docs to HTML converter.

Convert your Google Docs to HTML using Markdown

Google Docs add-on “Docs to Markdown” is easy to install, accessible, and available in the marketplace.

To get started, follow the below instructions.

  • Click Add-ons > Get add-ons
google doc to html converter
  • Search for “Docs to Markdown”
google doc to html
  • Click on “Docs to Markdown”.
  • Click the “Install” button for a free download.
convert google doc to html
  • Docs to Markdown needs your permission to start installing. Click “Continue” to install.
doc to html online
  • Click the “Allow” button.
google docs export to html
  • Now head up to the Add-ons tab and click Docs to Markdown > Convert
doc to html converter

To convert your Google Docs file to HTML, Click the “HTML” button.

convert doc to html

Your Google Docs file will be converted to HTML, and the file will be stored on the clipboard.

convert google docs to html

So with “Docs to Markdown”, you can use Google Docs to work collaboratively and still quickly convert a document into HTML format that you can publish on the internet.

Google Docs to HTML

HTML is a unique web language for content presentation, structuring, and maintaining the architecture. To convert your Google Docs files of any format to HTML isn’t tedious and complicated if you employ a perfect Google Docs to HTML Converter for getting your job done. The best online or offline Google Docs files to HTML converter will make converting easy and efficient.

Best Google Docs To HTML Converter

Let’s see some of the best online PDFs to HTML converter tools with offline capabilities to instantly convert your Google Docs files to HTML files.

1. HiPDF

Hipdf is one of the best free Google Docs to HTML online converter tools, having a clean interface, features, and functionalities, and doesn’t alter the nature in the new format. You are provided with key PDF editing features and image tools to split, crop, delete, rotate, or even resize images and convert them to PDF or other formats.

You must upload your Google Docs file to convert into HTML and download it to your computer once your HTML format is done.

You can also get a free trial version of the Hipdf desktop version and go for the premium version later.

Key Features:

  • Hipdf has a cloud access storage facility that allows accessing all the Google Docs files you’ve saved in any cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • You won’t need to make any file download to run Hipdf unless you want a desktop version you can use offline.
  • The user interface of Hipdf is easy to use.
  • Your converted files are deleted from Hipdf servers within 3 hours of being downloaded, ensuring your privacy is protected.
  • Hipdf converts images in your Google Docs into HTML format.
  • The free version has a file size limit.
  • The Pricing for Premium with advanced tools is $6

2. PDF Candy

PDF Candy is one of the right tools that convert your Google Docs files to HTML format. PDF Candy has many features and tools to convert the various forms of Google Docs files and Excel and Word, images to HTML format. You have to add your docs files or drag and drop them into the tool from your Google Docs to get converted into HTML format.

Key features:

  • PDF candy optimizes original files and avoids document modification and distortion when converting into HTML format.
  • It can convert your Google Docs files to HTML very quickly.
  • The drawback with PDF candy is it doesn’t support URL files.
  • It is entirely free for the standard online version

3. SodaPDF

SodaPDF is an extremely useful tool with a cluster of efficient features that converts your Google Docs file to HTML, Word, Excel, or any other format. There are also compressing and merging tools to format your Google Docs files.

SodaPDF is available online and offline to efficiently convert your Google Docs files to HTML files. It is even more efficient with converting bulk Google Docs files without difficulties. The Google Docs files you uploaded to convert into HTML format will be deleted within a day from SodaPDF servers, which restricts unauthorized access and ensures the privacy of your files.

Key Features:

  • SodaPDF doesn’t support many languages, and special characters to convert from Google Docs files to HTML format are problematic with SodaPDF.
  • The offline version for converting Google Docs files to HTML format is available in SodaPDF
  • You have a free trial for converting your Google Docs files to HTML, and the premium, having advanced features, is $10 per month

4. PDFConvertOnline

PDFConvertOnline supports hundreds of formats for converting your documents to your desired format. Depending on the size of your Google Docs file, a few seconds will be taken to convert your Google Docs files to HTML format when you click on “Choose File” and upload your Google Docs file. You can also view instantly the converter HTML file, check for its correctness, and download the converted HTML file.

Key Features:

  • PDFConvertOnline supports lots of file formats and editing tools.
  • PDFConvertOnline conversion of Google Docs files to HTML format takes time.
  • The limited version is free, and for the premium, $29.95 should be paid annually

Go for the most secure, privacy-maintaining, fast-working Google Docs to HTML converter for efficiently converting your Google Docs files to HTML with a few steps.