How to remove shared files from google drive

Apart from storing files on their servers and synchronizing files across devices, Google Drive offers the option to share files and folders with anyone inside or outside the organization. When you share from Google Drive, you can control whether people can edit, comment on, or only view the Google Drive file. The people who have ‘view’ or ‘edit’ or ‘comment’ access to the shared file have permission to delete the file from their Google Drive view. Let us see how to remove shared files from google drive.

Remove shared files from Google Drive

Removing shared files is quite simple. But sometimes you may have questions like “How to remove shared files from Google Drive on Android mobile?”.Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions and to know how to remove shared files from Google Drive.

Removing shared files from Google Drive

Removing shared files from Google Drive is very simple. First, you have to look up the files that your colleagues or people in your organization have shared with you in Google Drive. And then you can directly delete shared files from your Google Drive using the “Remove” option. 

How to remove shared files from google drive on the Computer?

To remove shared files from Google Drive on the computer, 

Step 1: First, open Google Drive on your computer browser

Step 2: Click on the “Shared with me” option in the left corner of the Google Drive screen.

Step 3: Find the shared file you want to remove from Google Drive.

Step 4: Right-click on that file and click “Remove”

Step 5: The shared file will be removed from the “Shared with me” section.

How to remove shared files from google drive on Android?

If someone shared a file or folder with you that you don’t want to see anymore, you can remove it from Google Drive on your Android mobile. To delete shared files from Google Drive on Android, Follow the below steps

Step 1: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app.

Step 2: On the bottom, tap the ‘Shared’ icon ud9SiLP0go2M8CfObDWv Z9 2HrWVhVYdCKeqhnpsUx1q1EmUfBbguio3OVDpl7dE VEidSWTYEebXo9dWYxCyOzb8Es3wzxZObdaCfJDTaOek1plN7gvoUOkSzh cHnaf3vAqqS.

Step 3: Next to the file you want to remove, tap the ‘More’ icon More.

Step 4: Tap Remove.

Does removing a file shared with you affects anyone else’s drive?

Many people have this question. Anything that you are able to see in the “Shared with Me” section is just a link to the real file on the owner’s account. So, if you remove them from “Shared with me” in your Google Drive, you are the only one who loses a link, but other peoples in sharing are not affected.

Even if you remove a link to the subfolder, you can continue to access the Main folder and some subfolders in the main folder. 

In short, if you remove a file shared with you, it just removes it from your drive and has no effect on anyone else’s drive. 

Can’t remove shared files from Google Drive

Sometimes, you may experience that whenever you delete files, it only temporarily removes them from your actual view on Google Drive and then return when you refresh your google drive page.

This is because when you remove a shared file within the “shared with me” section, it really just removes the shortcut to that file. If you had access before, you will still have access after. If you click the link to that file after you remove it, the file will reappear in the “Shared with me” section.

If I delete a shared folder in google drive does it delete for everyone?

Note that, only if you own the folder, then only you can able to delete the folder. if you will delete the folder, it will be from everyone’s Drive. Consider one scenario, if the shared folder contains some files that are actually owned by some other persons, then those items will not be deleted permanently but those items will be in a different state known as orphaned.

Now, if we will try to understand what is orphaned?, then the answer is this is a state where an item has no parent folder.

No remove option in google drive

If, you are not finding the remove option in google drive, then make sure to follow the below important points.

  1. Make sure that you are the owner of the file or folder you want to remove.
  2. Make sure to check the storage space and clear the browser cache and try the same again.
  3. Try to switch your view to files, you might get the delete/remove option then.

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And voila! Hope you have gained some knowledge on how to remove shared files from Google Drive on both your computer and Android devices.