How to upload multiple files to Google Drive from Android and iPhone

As we are in a mobile world, we are most likely to encounter situations of managing storage, files in google drive directly from the mobile. The advent of smartphones gave us the utmost flexibility to upload and store files directly to various mediums such as Google Drive easily from your mobile devices. Although, it’s flexible the interface in mobile could be a bit confusing as we are practiced to large screen interfaces at work. Thus let’s figure out various ways by which you can upload multiple files to Google Drive directly from your android devices.

Upload multiple files to Google Drive from Android and iPhone
Upload multiple files to Google Drive from Android and iPhone

Upload multiple files to Google Drive from your android internal storage

It’s super simple to upload multiple files to Google Drive from your android internal storage if you’ve managed to follow the below steps properly.

Step 1: Go to Google Drive 

Step 2: Click on the plus icon in the bottom right

Step 3: A menu will pop up which will provide you with options you want to do. 

Step 4: Select upload. It will then open your internal file manager. By default, it will show your recent files.

Step 5: Locate your files and once you reach them, long touch on any one of them. It will enter multiple select mode. Select all the files you want to upload and click on the select/done button

Google Drive will now start uploading the files.

How to upload multiple photos to Google drive from photo gallery

As said above Google Drive allows you to backup photos, videos, and documents to access them from anywhere on any device. You can upload an individual photo or multiple photos at a time. To bulk upload photos from the Android gallery, 

Follow these simple steps to Upload a Photo Album to your Google Drive:

  • On your mobile, open “Gallery” –> tap on “Menu” option.
  • Choose “Select album” option and select your albums –> tap on “Send”.
  • Select the “Google Drive” option.
  • Tap the “Ok” button to upload the selected albums to Google Drive.

How to Upload Multiple Photos to Google Drive?

  • Open the “Gallery” app on your Android.
  • Browse the photos which you want to upload.
  • Long press on multiple photos to select.
  • Tap the “Send” button located at the top of your screen.
  • Select the “Google Drive” option.
  • Tap the “Ok” button to upload the selected photos to Google Drive.

How to upload multiple files to Google Drive using FolderSync app

FolderSync is one of the excellent apps that help you sync folders on your Android device with different cloud services.

Steps to transfer files and folders into Google Drive using FolderSync app

  • On Google Drive, create a folder that you would like to sync with your Android device.
  • Make sure to make a folder in your Google Drive that you are going to sync.

Now, let’s start with setting up a Cloud Storage account, which is the Google Drive account in this case. On the Home screen, tap the Accounts option.

Now, the next step is to configure the account for Google Drive.

  • Tap on Accounts icon –> then tap on the cloud button –> choose Google Drive.
  • Provide a storage name –> tap on “Authenticate account”.
  • Provide your Gmail credentials –> tap on Allow button. Finally, tap on “Save” button.
  • Now, let’s configure the Folderpair option. Tap on the Folderpairs icon –> Tap “+” icon.
  • Provide a name, select your Google account, Choose the folder, choose the folder in your mobile, choose “to remote folder” as the sync type –> tap “save”.
  • Finally, tap on folderpair on Folderpairs window to start the transfer process of files to your Drive.

Upload multiple files to Google Drive from your iPhone internal storage

Say, if you’re on an iPhone, the following steps are to be followed,

  1. Click and hold on a file/folder.
  2. Wait till the icon turns blue with a checkmark inside it.
  3. Click on all the file/folder icons of the files/folders you want to move.
  4. A card stack will be at the bottom of the screen of all the files/folders you selected.
  5. Finally, just drag those files into the folder you wanted to move them into and you are done.

How to upload to Google Drive from Android

Imagine that you’ve plenty of Documents, Images, Audio, and videos on your android mobile. Let’s assume you’ve only 16GB storage capacity in your android mobile. These images, files, and videos occupy most of the spaces in your android phone.

So you are in need to clear some spaces in your android phone. You deleted these files. At some time you came to know that these files are really very important but you can’t restore them. 

Now you are in the situation to clear some files and at the same time, you also keep all your images, files, and videos in the safest place. Here Google Drive is there to overcome all these problems. You can get much help if you follow the step-by-step guide given as part of this article.

Google Drive File Size and their limit

15 GB of free storage is given to every Google Account user. It includes not only Google Drive but also Gmail and Google photos. A single user can upload only 750 GB per day between Google My Drive and all other shared drives.

You can’t upload additional files on that day, once you reach the limit of 750 GB per day. A single maximum file size that can be uploaded to Google Drive is 5 TB only if you purchased as much storage. One can upload a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 in the video files

Upload to Google Drive from Android

Below are the steps that help you to learn how to upload to Google Drive from Android.

Step 1: Open your Android phone and sign in to your Google account. Click the Google Drive app icon which looks like a triangular logo with white background. 

  • If you aren’t logged in, enter your email Id and password before proceeding. 
  • If you haven’t downloaded Google Drive, you can download it from your android Google play store. 
  • If you don’t have a Google Account, first create your Google account before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Click the plus icon which you found in the lower-right corner of your android mobile screen. A pop-up tab will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Tap the‘ Upload’ icon in the pop-up menu.

Step 4: Now you will find the upload options. Select a file location from which you are going to upload. 

Step 5: To upload a file, tap and hold it, then tap other files to select them as well. If you can’t upload files to Google Drive then click ‘Settings’ on your Android phone and select ‘Apps & notifications’ > ‘See all apps’ > you can find ‘Drive’ in the list and tap ‘Force Stop.’ Now try to upload your files again.

Step 6: Select the ‘Upload’ option which you found in the upper-right corner of the android mobile screen. After some time, your selected files will begin to upload in Google drive. Even if you upload a file to a folder in Google Drive owned by someone else, it will take up space in your Drive.


  • You can’t upload a folder in Google Drive from Android.
  • If you want to upload Microsoft Word documents in Google Drive from Android, you should change a setting to convert files from the computer before uploading from android. This setting can’t be done from your Android itself.
  • Your deleted files in Google Drive are stored in ‘Trash’. When Google Drive is showing full, You can empty the ‘Trash’ in order to clear the storage.
  • You can also invite others to upload in your Google Drive by opening your Google Drive app on your android phone. You will find the “tap more” icon ‘Three Dots’ next to the folder’s name itself. Now click ‘share’ and enter the email address you want to share the file with the option ‘Can edit.’ You can find it in the right corner. Now, these mentioned people can upload files to the shared folder. One can change this option later by clicking “Who has access” at the bottom of the android phone and selecting ‘Can view’ or ‘No access’ to stop others from uploading to your Google Drive.

Step 7: Do not close the Google Drive app while uploading these files. Depending upon the internet connection and size of the files, the amount of time taken to upload the files will vary. For a 2 GB video file, it will take about 1 hour to be uploaded to your Google Drive.

You can also speed up files to upload in Google Drive by opening the Google Drive app and clicking ‘Three vertically stacked lines’ > ‘Settings’ > under the document cache you will find ‘Clear cache’. It will remove all the cached documents in Google Drive and increase the uploading speed. 

Step 8: You can access these files at any time using the internet-connected Laptop or Android mobile phone.

Note: You can also access these files offline by clicking the ‘three dots’ in the file and select the option ‘Make available offline’. These offline files are stored in the ‘Offline’ folder just below the ‘Recent’ folder in Google Drive.

To avoid mobile data usage to upload files in Google Drive from Android. Open your Android mobile and select ‘Google Drive app’ > ‘Menu Settings’ > ‘Data Usage’ > Turn on  ‘Transfer files only over Wi-Fi’.

Can we upload files to Google Drive automatically?

You might have this question “Can we upload files to Google Drive automatically?”. The answer is “Yes”.By clicking the menu icon (three vertically stacked lines) in the Google Drive app, you can find the top-left corner of your mobile screen.

Tap ‘settings’ < Click ‘Auto Add’ and select the folder in which you want to add your photos to Google Drive automatically. 

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Hurray, we have successfully figured out various effective ways to upload multiple files to Google Drive directly from an android device, and with the step-by-step guide in this article, you’ll be able to upload files to Google Drive from Android easily. Go ahead and the next time when you need to quickly upload a file, follow these tricks.