How to make a flyer in Google Docs

How to make a flyer in Google Docs

Do you have a hard time making flyers? You could believe that to make your ideas a reality, you’ll require specialized knowledge and complex software. Unfortunately, you are not alone in your viewpoint. Many individuals struggle to make attractive flyer designs using professional tools.

However, they don’t realize that there is a far easier solution for nonprofessionals. Did you know, for example, that you could utilize a Google Docs flyer template for this?

That’s correct. A flyer and other related items may be created using Google Docs, such as a brochure, résumé, or event flyer. It’s also relatively user-friendly, so anyone can traverse the Google Docs template gallery and build something new with ease.

We’ll show you how to make a flyer on Google Docs and personalize it in this step-by-step tutorial. You’ll have great, professional-looking flyers in no time if you follow our directions.

How to make a flyer in Google Docs

Google Docs is a convenient tool for creating documents because it is free and independent of the operating system. To get started producing the flyers you need, all you need is an internet connection. Then, follow the procedures outlined below to create your customized flyer in google docs:

Step 1: Go to Google Docs and create a new document.

Open Google Docs at However, you won’t be able to access Google Docs unless you have a Google account.

Step 2: Go to the Template Gallery and select a template.

The Template Gallery sample will appear in the upper half of the page when you log in. When you click the Template Gallery, you’ll be sent to a gallery where all pre-made templates are organized by section.

Using the Google Docs templates will be a wise decision that will save you time. Then you may choose a pre-made template that you like and use it as the foundation for your new flyer.

Note that while Google Docs does not have a category dedicated specifically to flyers, many of the templates featured may be used for leafleting or as a brochure in addition to their other uses.

how to create a flyer in google docs
flyer template for google docs

Step 3: Make changes to the flyer

Enter a name for the template you want to save. After that, you may begin personalizing. If you’ve chosen a design containing an image, for example, you may change it with a photo of your product.

Mark the image with a left-click and then a right-click. Find the option ‘Replace picture’ in the pop-up menu and select one of the options, Uploading a new one from your computer, for example.

Create a flyer in google docs
how to make a flyer on google docs

Step 4: Make Your Own Flyers

To update the text, simply erase the old one and write in the version you want to display on your flyer. You may also alter the template’s typeface, background color, and other elements. You may also rearrange the photos and text if you require them in a different sequence.

flyer on google docs

Step 5: After you’ve finished altering the template, you can see how it will look when printed. Select the ‘Full-screen’ option from the ‘View’ tab in the bar at the top.

how to make a flyer on google docs

As you work on your flyer, Google Docs saves your flyers automatically. So if you’re pleased with your flyer, the next step is to print it out.

Lastly, Click on the ‘File’ at the top and click ‘Print.’

This is how to create a flyer in Google Docs.

Now, let’s look at how to edit the Flyer Template In Google Docs – A quick tips

How to edit the Flyer Template in Google Docs – A quick tips

So you’ve chosen a template and are stumped as to what to do next. Here are some ideas on what you may adjust to fit your needs.

Change the text as follows: Change the headlines and main text to the desired text by clicking on them. If you don’t like the current font, don’t forget to change it to the one you want.

Alter the images: To replace a picture, right-click it and select Replace Image.

Ensure you update any links to the website that have already been added to the template if it is designed to be used online. To modify the link, click it and then Edit the link.

Save the document as: Because Google Docs saves documents automatically, you can just close the window or tab when you’re done.

How to Share a Google Docs Flyer?

It would be best if you shared your flyer with someone else to make sure it looks decent when you’ve finished it. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Select File.

Step 2: Select “Share” from the drop-down menu.

A quick tip: To print the document, go to the bottom of the page and select Print.

Step 3: Click Send after entering the email address of the person you want to send the flyer to. An invitation to view and amend the document will be issued to them.

Step 4: Would you rather send a link? You may now save the link to message someone by clicking Copy Link.

Why Make a Flyer using Google Docs?

Have you ever needed to create a flyer for an event but didn’t know where to begin? If you don’t want to make one from the start, Google Docs, a free online browser-based word processor, includes a selection of ready-made themes. Unfortunately, there are no dedicated Google Docs flyer templates, but some of the other layouts are perfect for publicizing local events or distributing fliers for a lost pet.

Tear off flyer template in Google Docs

Tear-off flyers are an excellent method to get the word out about your product or service. You may use it to add many tags at the bottom of a flyer. These can contain information such as your name, phone number, or email address, as well as a link to your company’s website.

But how can you easily construct a tear-off template? You’re not alone if this question crosses your thoughts! Fortunately, Google Docs has a variety of options, and you can easily design a tear-off flyer template without a hitch in just a few minutes. By now, you should have a good idea of what this section is about. Yes! It’s creating a tear-off flyer template in Google Docs.

To make a tear off flyer on Google Docs, follow the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Open a Google Docs

Google Docs may be accessed using your Gmail account or by going to

Step 2: Open a new document

Select the “Blank Document” from the “Start a New Document” menu.

tear off flyer google docs

Step 3: On the top menu, click on the “Insert.”

We can use the google docs drawing tool to create tear-off in flyer templates. To select the drawing tool, you need to click on the “insert” option and select the “drawing” tool and click on “new” so that you will be able to create your tear-off. 

Make a tear off flyer on google docs

Step 4:

Once the drawing tool is opened, select the text tool. For that, Click on “Text Box” from the icons on the top menu. The “T” icon inside a square is used for the “text box.” By clicking the “T” icon, you will be able to include various information you want in the tear-off tab. Usually, these have a person’s name, contact numbers, dates, or addresses.

How to create a tear off flyer template on google docs

Step 5: Fill in the relevant information in your tear-off flyer and take advantage of the fonts.

After selecting the “text box” tool, draw a new text box in the drawing window. It doesn’t matter how big the text box is; you can change it to fit your needs.

You may also change the font by selecting all text and picking the appropriate font from the top menu. Font size can later be changed by clicking the “+” (plus) or “–” (minus) marks to the right of the font name. If not, you may just type in the desired font size. Finally, you may select to include borders on your tear-off flyer tab if you genuinely want to make your tear-off more creative.

This is done by selecting the “Border” color option from the drop-down menu. It appears to be a line drawn with a pencil. The border weight and dash icons to the right of it can be used to change the size and pattern of the border.

Tear off flyer template in Google Docs

Step 6:  Its time to hover over the text box and start making outline dot

You may now move and drag the picture by hovering over the text box until the cursor transforms into white arrowed crosshairs after you’ve filled it with enough material. Start producing your outline dot by hovering over your text and following the remainder of the instructions.

Step 7: Finally, it’s time to make the outline dot.

You must choose “border dash” to create an outline dot. And then, select the dot option from the menu that appears on the screen to have your text surrounded with dots.

Free tear off flyer template

Step 8: Start adding weight to your border

After you’ve applied the dot choice, go to “border weight.” and adjust the weight to your liking. Again, make sure your viewers can see your tear-off.

How to make a tear off flyer template on google docs

Step 9: It’s a scissor time to tear off

To add some extra salt, we are uploading scissors to our tear-off. To insert the scissors primarily, you need to download the scissor graphic from google. Later, you can upload it by selecting the “image” option next to the “text” option. After uploading it to your “drawing” tool, now you can resize your scissors and fix it to your tear-off. 

How to make a tear off flyer on google docs

Step 10: time to add the tear-off tab in your document.

Yeah, you have made it—time to add your tear-off to your flyer template, which you have made. To add your tear-off, Click and drag your tear-off tab to the desired location on the document. Then right-click on it.

Step 11: Save a copy of your document

Your Google document is always current. So, if you want to save the file to your computer, go to “File” and hover over “Download,” then select the file type and save place.

And in this way, you can create a tear-off template in Google Docs.

Despite the fact that flyer marketing is very affordable and straightforward to implement, marketing expenditures can add up over time. These charges are particularly damaging to small enterprises. As a result, creating a successful business flyer the first time guarantees that your resources are put to the best possible use.

Below listed are some short suggestions for creating successful flyer templates in Google Docs:

Keep your content short and sweet: Don’t overwhelm your reader by cramming too much information into a bit of space. Instead, compose your material in a succinct manner. Leave only the essentials.

Divide your content into pieces that are easy to understand: The appearance of your text can impact the reader’s attention. At first look, long paragraphs appear to be gigantic walls of text, which may turn off your reader. White space, which is the area around a specific design component, reduces this tension. To make your informational business flyers more attractive to the eye, divide your material into sections with headings.

Make use of bullet points and infographics to describe data: Use bullet points and charts to summarize facts when shortly presenting your topic. This would make the data more understandable.

Make a memorable headline: The title will always be the first line of text that your readers will see. So make it enjoyable to entice them to continue reading.

Include a CTA (call-to-action) statement: Your content’s call-to-action message is a crucial component. The call-to-action tells your reader what to do when they’ve finished reading the content. Standard possibilities include “Call Us” and “Order Now,” but you may go as creative as you wish.

Include your phone number and email address: This is self-evident, but it’s easy to overlook. On a flyer, always include your contact information. For quick access, the bottom section is typically the best option.

Always double-check your work: It might be off-putting when your material has errors. For example, minor errors in spelling or language might divert your reader’s focus away from the topic at hand. As a result, proofread your work thoroughly before submitting it to a printer.

Use colors that complement your message: In marketing, color psychology is not a new concept. The use of color can elicit an emotional response from the reader. Please make use of it to amplify your message. Take advantage of full-color printing, which is available from all online printers.

Limit yourself to two or three fonts: It might get aesthetically crowded when you use many typefaces in your design. For example, when making flyers, two to three fonts are excellent. Additionally, use typefaces that are legible even from a distance.

Use high-resolution images: Any reader will be turned off by blurry and jagged photographs. Worse, low-resolution pictures may be associated with unprofessional services and readers’ lack of attention to detail. As a result, make sure your flyers include clean, clear photographs.

Make your logo a part of the design: This is crucial, yet it is frequently forgotten. To increase brand awareness, use your logo in your flyer design.

We’ve made it to the end of this article. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope it helped design your tear-off flyer template in Google Docs.

Below are Some of the FAQs (frequently asked questions) concerning the Google Docs flyer.

Is there a Google Docs Flyer Template?

Although Google Docs does not have a specific flyer template by default, various alternative themes can be used in their stead. For example, the “Brochure” or “Newsletter” template has excellent designs that direct the reader’s attention to crucial information.

Does Advertising Make Simple with Google Docs flyers?

Whether you want to keep people informed about an upcoming event or provide them with information about a new product, flyers make promoting a breeze. Knowing how to produce a flyer in Google Docs provides you with an easy-to-use tool for doing so.

On Google Docs, how can you generate a half-page flyer?

A half-page flyer is half the size of a full-page flyer, allowing you to print two smaller flyers on one sheet of paper. To begin, go to ‘File’ and then ‘Page setup.’ Then choose the ‘Landscape’ radio option under ‘Orientation.’

Then go to ‘Format,’ hover over ‘Columns,’ and select the two-column option. Simply copy the original flyer and paste it into the other column. To put both on one page, you’ll probably have to adjust some formatting.

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Who knew making amazing Google Docs flyers could be so easy?

To accomplish so, all you need is a little imagination and expertise. Even if you require a tear-off flyer, you’ll learn to utilize Google Docs in seconds.

Google Docs has an extensive library of templates to select from, so pick one that you like and get started. You may change the example colors and graphics inside any template to make it meet your needs.

This tour should have provided you with a better grasp of what flyers are and how to create them with Google Docs.

And now we have come to the end of this article. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this post.